2018 Animated short film ‘’Gotlieb’’ directed by Krste Gospodinovski

Lost in the labyrinth of his subconsciousness Gottlieb struggles to find his way back to reality. Provoking deconstruction of his make believe world he puts his life at risk. At the end as his realities collide he becomes aware of his self-imprisonment.

Runtime: 15’
Country: Македонија / Macedonia
Language: Македонски / Macedonian
Director: Krste Gospodinovski
Writer: Krste Gospodinovski
Produced by: Krste Gospodinovski
Music by: Goce Naumov, Ljubomir Stojsavljević, Ivica Jankulovski, Krste Gospodinovski
Production Company: Uzengija
Cinematography by: Goran Naumovski
Film Editing by: Krste Gospodinovski, Goran Naumovski
Animators: Goce Gospodinovski, Viktorija Dineva, Krste Gospodinovski
Voices: Zharko Ivanov, Kristina Hristova-Nikolova, Aneta Rusovska

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